Should you take the Current GRE or the Revised GRE?

According to GRE those who need a GRE score prior to November 1, 2011 must take the current GRE! The reason is that GRE scores for the Revised GRE will begin to be released in the middle of November. So, the first question you need to ask a school you are applying to is: “What is the deadline for receipt of my GRE score?”

As you know, the Revised GRE debuts on August 1, 2011.  In applying to graduate school you may have a choice of taking the current GRE or the Revised GRE.  Those having a choice, should compare the current GRE with the Revised GRE and see where your comparative advantage may lie.

That said, you should also heed the following directive from GRE:

“Choosing Between the Current Test and the Revised Test

To help you decide which of the two tests to take, start by selecting which schools you’re most interested in, then find out when they need your scores. Different schools have different admissions deadlines, so knowing when your prospective schools need your scores is an important part of making the decision between the GRE General Test and the GRE revised General Test.

If you need scores before November 2011, start planning now. You will need to take the current test. You will want to register early to ensure you get a seat for your preferred date and location. If you take the current test in either a split-test administration or paper-based test location early planning is especially important.

If you don’t need scores until after November 2011, taking the GRE revised General Test is a smart move. With these new changes in place, the revised test will give you a better test experience — and offer an even better way to show schools that you’re ready for graduate-level work.” (You will find everything else you need to know about the Revised GRE here.)

Our Revised GRE preparation courses will begin in July 2011.

1 thought on “Should you take the Current GRE or the Revised GRE?

  1. praveen gupta

    can a private engineering student avail to scholarship from a university of US,,,,with good gre score as well good academics and all SOPs n all………….!!


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