Revised GRE to be “Section Adaptive”

Something Old, Something New, Someting Borrowed

The format of the new  GRE will be:

– two AWA writing exercises (Issue Analysis and Argument Analysis) – each of which is 30 minutes. These will be administered first and will be reported  on a 0 – 6 scale

– two GRE Verbal  Reasoning sections – the verbal score will be reported on a 130 – 170 scale

– two GRE Math sections – the math score will be reported on a 130 – 170 scale

– one  additional section. This additional section will either be an “unidentified” experimental section or an “identified” research section. If the section is  “identified” it will be last.

Section Adaptive – Math and Verbal  Sections

Although the content of the individual  sections will not be computer adaptive (making it different from  the GMAT which is Computer  Adaptive), the second section of each of the Verbal and Math sections will be based on your performance on the first section. This is what  is meant by “section adaptive”.

All in all  the Revised GRE looks it will be a very interesting test!

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