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The GRE® revised General Test: Easier or Harder Than the “Old” GRE?

What follows are the thoughts of one of our Toronto GRE tutors. After having read this post, you might want to participate in our GRE poll: Will the Revised GRE be harder?

“So, is the revised GRE easier or harder than the “old” GRE?

And how will this be reflected in your score?

And how is your score on the new GRE going to be compared to the scores of other applicants who wrote the “old” GRE? (Remember that GRE results are valid for 5 years.)

First, consider the measuring stick.

The “old” GRE has a score scale of 200 to 800. When the GRE was first developed it was probably intended that the means and medians would be around 500 with a normal (bell curve) distribution of scores. At present the median for the Verbal section is about 450 (yes, that is low) and for the Quantitative section it is about 610 (yes, that is high).

Both the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the revised GRE will have a score scale from 130 to 170. I would expect that the revised GRE results which are due to be first released in mid-November will have Verbal and Quantitative medians to be about 150 – right in the middle of the scale.

So how can you compare old and new results? Well, the same way Verbal and Quantitative scores should be viewed when you are looking at the scores required by the schools you are applying to.

You’ve heard “it’s not the heat it’s the humidity?” For the GRE it’s not your score it’s your percentile ranking – how does your score compare with all of the other test writers.

View all scores old and new, verbal and quantitative as percentiles for purposes of comparison.

That said how will you fare on the test?  As I said in my last posting the revised GRE test is more test-taker friendly. But it will probably be for the vast majority of test-takers.  While some may do better on one version than on the other, most test-takers will probably stay in relatively the same position on the curve – i.e. same percentile ranking.

So remember, it’s not your score it’s your percentile.

Wayne Barkel – GRE Prep  Courses Canada

Toronto GRE  Tutor Teacher”

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Update August 2011: The Revised GRE is now in effect.  Read or add comments about the Revised GRE.