Revised GRE Experiences And Comments

The Revised GRE is here. Now the real fun begins. Gone are the days when the GRE test was predictable. GRE test scores are now based on a new scoring scale. The format of the GRE answer choices now includes more than standard (one answer) multiple choice. Calculators are allowed. But, will they really help?

Those of you who have taken the Revised GRE – we need your feedback?

What was your overall impression of the test?

What about the level of vocabulary? What is required for the GRE Verbal test?

What kinds of math skills are required for the GRE quantitative test?

Of course anything you would like to pass on to future GRE test takers would be great.

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24 thoughts on “Revised GRE Experiences And Comments

  1. mahadevan sindhu

    the revised GRE is much more progressive and provides a better testing experience. blindly mugging up words isn’t the way to go for the new GRE…wordlists are definitely required, but the contexual meaning shld be stressed rather than the literal meaning. Verbal requires sound practice in reading comprehension. there are more RCs now than there were earlier. As for quants, focus is on DI. follow the ETS official guide, use powerprep II and use the old barron’s u shld be fine…those of u with good vocab have a definite and very significant edge over others due to the stress on RC and in general text completion and sentence equivalence that are very different from antonyms and analogies. But new GRE is definitely better…(my score for those of u who wanna kno the credibility of my reply was 1410/1600)

    1. newgre Post author

      Hello Mahadevan:

      Thanks for a great post. It’s interesting that there are moving in the direction of data interpretation in the quantitative. The data interpretation seems very similar to the new “integrated reasoning” section on the GMAT (coming in 2012). This could one more step toward making the GRE a great substitute for the GMAT in MBA admissions. Liked your comment about the vocabulary being more “contextual”. This would mean that the old sentence completion questions are good practice.

      Thanks again!

    2. karishma

      @mahadevan : how did you get your score in the old format?? aren’t the scores going to be out around mid November for those who ll take the test in august-september?? and we will not come to know our scores until November right??
      please reply asap!!

    3. rohithmgithith

      hey can u help us out from where and how did u prepare for the RCS and more importantly how much time u spent preparing for the test???Also did u go through the entire wordlists??

      1. newgre Post author

        The comment talks about three versions of the GRE:

        1. The format just prior to August 1, 2011

        2. An early format of the GRE that still had critical reasoning

        3. In the last paragraph he compares “1” and “2” to the Revised GRE as follows:

        “Now with verbal antonyms and analogy removed the aura of invincibility is gone!
        The new gre format is no different than the gmat format more or less with power of voca reduced! And you lost the opportunity to say that I conquered fighting in the arena like the real gladiator!
        I rest my case!”

    1. newgre Post author

      The scoring ranges on the Revised GRE are:

      GRE Quantitative – 130 – 170
      GRE Verbal – 130 – 170
      GRE Writing – 0 – 6

      See the following excerpt from one of the posts:

      “The “old” GRE has a score scale of 200 to 800. When the GRE was first developed it was probably intended that the means and medians would be around 500 with a normal (bell curve) distribution of scores. At present the median for the Verbal section is about 450 (yes, that is low) and for the Quantitative section it is about 610 (yes, that is high).

      Both the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the revised GRE will have a score scale from 130 to 170. I would expect that the revised GRE results which are due to be first released in mid-November will have Verbal and Quantitative medians to be about 150 – right in the middle of the scale”

  2. Toronto GRE Prep

    More comments about the Revised GRE – Received Today from GRE:

    “What test takers are saying around the world.

    Now that your potential applicants are experiencing the new test-taker friendly design, they’re sharing their feedback. Here’s what they’re saying:

    “It is a great improvement over the old version, it is what students want. Moving back and forth is a pleasure and gives you flexibility.” —Nakul Vyas, Mumbai, India

    “Being able to flag questions and go back to them in the review section was really, really cool because I was able to go back and work on the questions that I wasn’t sure about. And, I used the on-screen calculator a lot, it was really helpful.” —Lindsey Todd, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.”

  3. Shashank Hegde

    I am taking the test on the septermber last week and as everyone knows it is the revised pattern. Previously I was referring to the Barron’s GRE. But when i bought the Barron’s for revised patter it doesn’t have sufficient verbal excercises and quants looks almost similar to the old pattern. Some one please guide me with the materials which has more practice excercises for verbal mainly..

    1. Adnan

      Buy the Princeton and Kaplan books for revision too. Doing just barrons isnt enough practice. The Barrons word list is extremely comprehensive but it covers about 90-95% of the words. Study the wordlists from Kaplan and Princeton too. The Quant hasnt actually changed much so don worry bout that, the only questions that really stumped me though in the exam were the function problems, that look like f(x) etc…. i hadnt seen these problems anywhere in any book! so look that up. Best of Luck.

  4. Adnan

    I just gave the Revised GRE in August, and honestly i think it is much better off than the previous version. The ability to flip through your answers and prioritize what you want to answer first is really a boon. And the onscreen calculator is very handy! Anyway, my doubt is this, when they showed me my marks on the screen this is what it said: Verbal Reasoning:530-600 , Quantitative Reasoning 730-800. What the hell does this mean?! Why the bracketed range of marks and not a precise figure?!

  5. SAHIL

    Do any1 knws, hw is the DILIP OAK’S coaching classes for GRE in pune. I hv takn my date on 30th nov n done with preparation bt still m planning fr FASTTRACK COURSE.

  6. Hunter008

    The range signifies that ETS is yet to come to a final layout of grading our performance on the new format. ETS can only give you a range on the basis of previous data on how the test takers of old GRE scored. its only after the finding of a new averaged score for the new range according to the performance of test takers in accordance to the new pattern (Section adaptive) will you get your precise scores. For a head start ETS gave you a range of 1260-1400 (an idea). Best of Luck for your final scores though. \m/

  7. uma

    Can anybody tell me more about the maths section. Is it really tough. I actually found the hard part in the Official guide hard to crack and with the time constraint it seems impossible

  8. sheshant bhoga

    anyone from mumbai who purchased new gre barrons 19thedition book dn.kindly call or leave a message2me on 9869451438


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